What do I WANT!?!?!

(Last week)
Papa: You're 17, right?
Me: Yeah.
Papa: And you're turning 18 this February? So, What do you want? Any 

What do I want? What do I really want? Those were the hardest questions
 i encountered since the beginning of my existence. It's the same 
question I encountered when I entered college - and I ended up in Fine 

Is there a possibility that i can answer that question without making a
 mistake or regretting on the future? 

But the truth is I do know what I want. It's just that they're too many
 to say for just one single question.

I know I can't ask for an extravagant celebration since we're running 
out of time and I already said I don't want to have a grand ball for 
my coming of age. 

So, I'll be making a list here of what i currently WANT.


 1. 16th Hot Air Balloon Festival, Clark, Pampanga, PH - Somewhere on 
February 2012

Once a year, in the airfield of Angeles, in Pampanga province in center
 Luzon area, a four days aerodynamic event is held.

In the colored event, various aerial shows take place. The remarkable 
event is the Hot Air Balloons which climb up in a various shapes and 

In addition there are other aerial shows such as; flying flying-models,
 choppers, radio guided gliders, skydiving, shows of launching models 
of rockets, ultra-light flying formation, building and flying kites, 
contests between ultra-light planes and motorcycles, etc... 

This is a four days fiesta for more than 60,000 visitors, locals and 

2. Any Laptop with 1 terabyte capacity and with Intel® Core™ i7-980X 
Processor Extreme Edition

Most probably, it's the one that they call Gamer's Laptop. I'm not a 
gamer but i really want a fast computer because of my course's 
software requirements.

 3. A 55mm-200mm lens for my DSLR camera (Zoom Lens)

I might benefit from this since I'm taking Fine Arts and we have a 
Photography subject.

4. Trip to Singapore

This was somewhat the got the least on my list because I've been to 
Singapore 2 years ago and if I'm going to get out of the Ph borders, 
I want to be in a different country. But maybe, conditions apply, like 
1 month stay would be great!

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