The 2nd semester is entitled: Excellence

Classes is now starting again. I cant fail anymore. I'm only one step 
away to the edge of death. 

Have you seen the movie Hallpass? It's about two wives who decided to 
give their husbands a 'hallpass' where they can do whatever they life 
for a week. It kinda look like a cool-off from their married life and 
it ended like they just wasted the whole week doing nonsense. But it 
also taught them a lesson that made them realize they must be serious 
in their lives because they're not young and single anymore.

For me, I wasted my whole semestral break by just reading ebooks, 
working on our hardware store, playing Facebook games and doing some 
charm bracelet - which seemed to be my addiction. Then I just woke up 
and realized I'm having classes tommorow. Befor the sem. break started,
 I was planning a lot. I actually made a list on what to do and it 
1. Learn how to drive (failed)
2. Lose weight (failed)
3. Start my charm bracelet business (acomplished)
4. Read at least 10 ebooks (icomplete: only 1 - The perks of being a 
wallflower by Stephen Chbosky)
5. Watch movies (average)
and a lot more especially about cooking like how to poach an egg and 
the shangrila diet and more about drawing.

It's really hard to enter college without an interest and during my 
2nd year, I now have interests on crafts, photography, fashion design, 
interior design, graphic design and everything that falls in the field 
of random arts. Because of that,, i want to have an additional 
education on (because my course was a variety of minor stuff about 
photography, fashion, etc..) sewing (for fashion), then carpentry, 
then upholstery (for furnitures!).

One of my memorable moments was our family's very rare Open forum after
 a 2-hour scolding. I learned how frank I am and how emotionally hurt 
were my siblings. Another one was my debate with my other about 
democratic voting versus parliamentary government. Its like the 
Philippines versus me because they never understand. I keep saying I'm 
pro-parliamentary goverment because its an accomplishments-over-popularity.

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