“A Christian community …

“A Christian community should do as Jesus did: propose and not impose. Its attraction must lie in the radiance cast by the love of brothers.” — Jean Vanier

This caption isn’t related to the quote, i just can’t think of any title right now so i posted this post as a quote.

I feel like I want to run this blog again 😀

I started writing a journal on January of this year. then i stopped at the first week of May. I think it was because there haven’t been any exciting event that happened on my summer. Well, it was actually my best summer because I met Joe Jonas by surpassing all the obstacles and touring Manila with the people I only knew from Facebook. Back to the topic, I missed writing events on March so i kinda lost interest in writing it on and because of this reasons:

  • Since it was a notebook, i feel like i am obliged to have a daily post that should be written anytime, anywhere.
  • I am pressured by the fact that I’m a Fine Arts student and my journal is full of crappy doodles instead of artistic ones.
  • I can be careless in naming people because it is a secret personal journal that no one knows I write.

Unlike here on WordPress, I don’t have to post my day-to-day events; I don’t have to doodle; and I have to mind that this belongs to the public sphere so I have to be careful on what I write and follow the netiquettes.

BTW, I just thought about writing on this blog because the quote above can’t fit on twitter and I don’t want to post it on Facebook 😀



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