Word of the day: PRISS

priss [priss]

(plural prisses)
U.S. somebody prissy: somebody who behaves prissily (informal)
Microsoft® Encarta® 2009

I learned this word on the movie Say Anything. I haven’t watched the whole movie yet, I just browsed some scenes. I think Lloyd’s character has added one characteristic that I should look for a guy: someone who can make me fit to a crowd I’ve always wanted to join into.

Diane Court: Nobody knew me before.
Lloyd Dobler: They knew of you. Now they know you.
Diane Court: I feel like I fit in for the first time, you know? Like I just held them far away from me, so they did the same to me.

pris·sy [príssee]
(comparative pris·si·er, superlative pris·si·est)
prim: behaving in a very prudish and proper way, or reflecting prudishness and properness
[Late 19th century. Probably blend of prim + sissy]
-pris·si·ly, adverb
-pris·si·ness, noun
Microsoft® Encarta® 2009.

Diane Court: I have this theory of convergence, that good things always happen with bad things. I know you have to deal with them at the same time, but I just don’t know why they have to happen at the same time.

I have the same theory, but it’s like if something do good that was happening to you, there’ll be a time very soon that a great bad thing followes. But when a bad thing happens, I don’t watch out for a good thing to happen.This is me being pessimistic.

prim [prim]
(comparative prim·mer, superlative prim·mest)
1. prudish: easily shocked by vulgar or obscene language or behavior
2. formal and proper: excessively formal and proper in manner or appearance
3. very neat: excessively neat and tidy
[Early 18th century. Origin ?]
-prim·ly, adverb
-prim·ness, noun
Microsoft® Encarta® 2009.

I believe I’m such a priss. Or should I say I was trying hard to be a priss. Just because of the status quo that first borns should be a role model to her siblings, I enjoyed being a priss. It was like you can’t have mistakes, you can’t be stupid/look stupid, you should be well mannered, etc. For me, this rules were like Princess Lessons, so by following it, I can be a princess – my belief when I was young.

But, it also have negative effects like being prudish. Today, I went at our Spanish Lessons from the org I joined in. Jievr was our instructor. When our timeslot was about to end, he shared some stories about his love life. He said he likes his best friend, a Fil-am, who formerly speaks English but when he learned the Filipino language, Jievr find it sexy.

Jievr proves me that accents can really be attractive. I have a huge crush on Gael Garcia Bernal, a Spanish Actor. I downloaded almost all of his movies and let my classmate Daan copy them and watch it. She likes him too because he is a great actor, he can portray a variety of roles. She asked me why did I like him and I simply said I just like his accent. She laughed at me. Even I myself find it weird. I also likes Hugh Grant’s accent but I like more in him was the wrinkles in his eyes.

The tutorial went easy today, except for some words I first encountered. I actually came in late, and there was no vacant seats available. There was another man who came in next to me. Jievr said we could just sit on the floor but a guy named Rhapl offered me his seat. It was so sweet of him. I noticed his handsomeness when I applied as a Junior Officer of that org and he applied too. Then today, he wasn’t just habdsome, he was also a gentleman.

I really felt some “kilig” feelings when someone exercises his gentleman acts to me. I remembered my classmate Kti who accompanied me from school to my dormitory because I don’t have an umbrella and it was raining so hard. I believe guys you were gentlemen were raised properly by their parents or whomsoever. It was like me being a priss.

Well, since I’ve been talking about boys today, I have another crush on my VD class. His name was Annot. He never talked to me, or maybe he doesn’t know I exist. He was our professor’s pet since he was handsome, smart, and have good rendering artistic skill. I saw him before on my DWS class looking at Les Miserables on his monitor. Yes, THE Les Miz. Les Miz was my weakness. I don’t think he likes musicals but I think he likes Hugh Jackman (as Wolverine). Then, a while ago, I heard him singing and he’s also talented on that. Lately, I’ve been watching Glee and I can see him on Finn’s (Cory Monteith) face! I might have really liked him. Too bad he was younger than me.


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