Breakfast at the Bead Paradise. A slice of my life.

Well, that’s what i saw in our reflection when we were passing by a shop with glass walls. My life has been very busy these past few days.

Sept 27, 12

  • Went to school. Our plate was about Glass Etching using a cream that will make the glass “frosted”. I made a Gael Garcia Bernal (my crush) portrait.
  • Went to Lnyn’s boarding house to make our plate in TPD. While watching the telly, I told her, “Did you know Francis Magundayao was the kid (Iking) on Darna when Darna was Angel Locsin on GMA7?” and she searchrd the net because she felt intrigued about the him and she wanted to see his baby pictures to compare and prove it 😀

Sept 28, 12

  • The search for the lost flash drive. I almost went late because I can’t find it. Then I saw it in the pocket of the blouse I used yesterday.
  • Met Jeanni and Gaecni because i’m taking them to my paradise! It was supposed to be me and Jeanni but she convinced Gaecni to come with us. That place was like Tiffany’s to me 😀
  • Then the 3 of us went to Jeanni pod to make soda cap pendants. Too bad Gaecni have to go early because she has other businesses to do.
  • Jeanni’s sister helped us in finishing the preparation. When we’re going to mix the solution, it didn’t went well. so we kinda wasted some of it 😦
  • On my way home, I was supposed to take the train but I’ve decided to take the jeepneys. Yes, I took the jeepneys without any idea where should I be dropped. When I heard someone says he’ll stop at Recto, I said to the driver I’ll stop at Recto too, thinking Recto was near FEU, then I’ll just walk. But It was on Avenida corner Recto and the streets looks so unfamiliar. I gust followed my instincts by looking for any familiar word on the cars that passes py. Luckily, I reached home at 9pm. So Exhausting. We’ve been walking all day.

Sept 22, 12

  • Woke up at 11am. My body recharged so well.
  • I exposed my silkscreen to the sun but it was cloudy so I extended some minutes. But during the washing process, i cant remove the photo-emulsion on the screen. Maybe it was because of overcooked or it wasn’t thin. I’m so sad, I’ve been singing On my own and I dreamed a dream from Les Miz.
  • I spend the day cursing words because of the choppy internet. I can search properly.

It’s almost 2 am but I don’t feel sleepy right now.


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