The Miserable Life of a L8-Teen FanGirl

I REGRET EVERYTHING! My personal Series of Unfortunate Events.

It has been too long since my last post here, and those posts were supposed to be on a regular basis but I can’t because I got busy and lazy too when I’m not busy. If you know me, you probably know the Jonas Brothers came here in my country last October 17-21. If you’re already thinking that this post is a JB-themed-fangirl-experience; you got it right.

 I saved money but we’re starting the LTD Online Shoppe that needs money so I invested it there. I even made this:  so I can buy the front row seats or the meet and greet ticket but it didn’t reach that amount.

I REGRET I didn’t go with my friends when they went to the airport when the Jonas Brothers arrived at Manila.

I actually went there too, but not with them. Jeanni & Gaecni invited me if I want to go with them. I told them I have to finish our newest product, The LTD Online Shoppe Soda Cap Pendants!

And because of it, I’ve been bankrupt for 3 days (which is good because I lost weight too for not eating anything) and I don’t know how to go there. So I called my parents and they agreed to usher me to the airport! I saw a bunch of JBnoys (Filipino JB fans) including the admins. I believe they know what to do so I followed them. Jeanni & Gaecni have been calling and texting me earlier about where I’m going to find them but when the sun went down, I can’t contact them anymore.

I and the JBnoys went together at the barricade – the only place we’re allowed to stay. I was the media people running which means the JB are about to come out from the airport door. I saw the flashes of their camera sparkle like glitters on the night sky, though I haven’t seen yet the JB itself. Then I saw a black car with black tinted windows drove by the barricades and I saw Kevin (and other hands. I don’t know who owned them because I can’t see it properly) waving at us.

I’ve been screaming and jumping up and down because I can’t believe that they are really here. I have the same feeling when I first met Joe Jonas last May 2012. You know, when you’re a fan girl and you drool over the Jonas Brothers every time you see their photos on your computer; and when you see them in-person, it’s like “OMJ, JOE JONAS IS REAL!” (Connected to the quote: “To see is to believe”). The press took a video of us screaming but I don’t know if it was shown in TV. Unlike other people, I don’t want to see myself in that situation; it was shameful!

Minutes later, after I went back to my proper state, Jeanni & Gaecni replied to me. Gaecni said she have to go because it’s almost 12 am, while I instructed Jeanni to go where I was because she needs a ride home and my parents are driving me back to my dormitory. When Jeanni and I were walking to the parking lot, she told me every detail that killed me to the bone. According to her, what really happened why they can’t reply to me was they left their phones at their bags because Ann (another JBnoy, who is with them) had some connections with an airport staff and that staff let the three of them enter, so while me and other JBnoys are at the barricade, they are waiting at the Exit door! Of course, they got photos WITH THEM, their signatures, and they get to have a small conversation with the JB (this is everything that I dreamed of). I was thinking, “Maybe this isn’t my time”, “This isn’t the right time for me and Nick Jonas to meet”, “I can’t argue with Destiny, he might hate me.” I regret not going with them! (October17, 2012)

I REGRET I didn’t go to the Prescon

What can I do? They took the risk. I didn’t. Now, the risk pays off so much to them.

When I’m at the airport the night before, I talked to the admins and they said that the JoBros are having a Press Conference on this day at the Makati Shangri la Hotel.

Jeanni texted me that she, Gaecni, Ann, and other JBnoys are planning to go there; and if I wanted to come. I declined. I haven’t finished the 200 pieces of pendants that I’m doing the other day, and I didn’t think they’ll be able to enter the hotel because of the tight security and The PressCon have passes you have to acquire so you can enter.

When the day was over, I, again, asked what happened – not thinking it might kill me again. And so it does. They met them again, have them signed their stuff, took pictures… same old story. It’s like God was slapping me while saying “This is what happens when I give you the opportunity to grab and you didn’t.” (October 18, 2012)

I REGRET that I didn’t do a blog post about the concert.

I should’ve posted this long ago.

The concert on October 19 went well! I enjoyed the whole show. Well, how couldn’t I? I memorized all their songs for 6 years except for the new ones (because want to hear it first from them and not from the video clips from their Radio City Concert). What I like the most were the scalpers. Since I don’t have enough money, I bought the cheapest ticket they sold, and I went to the venue, never thinking how bad the seat will be. Then the scalpers approached me and he allowed me to upgrade my ticket, From the Gen Ad to the Lower Box seat! Ironically, scalpers are the people who sell tickets at a higher price, but here I got my ticket with 43% off(yeah I admit I enjoy doing some maths)!

I believe I reached E6! Nick is my Phantom and I’m Christine. Or maybe I learned how to imitate my 30000 Hz message tone alert. My seatmates we’re so pissed off. But who cares. Even I myself don’t know who I am anymore. It’s like I unleashed the monster inside me.

After the concert, the adventure begins.

This is what it looked like. No, we’re not chasing the Jonas Brothers. The fans are chasing us!

Right after the concert, I was looking for Jeanni so we can take pictures (because her seat section was near mine). When I saw her, he said ‘let’s go!’ She didn’t have to explain. I know where we’re going. Then I saw Geinlali too. And we started running back and forth. Afterwards, I heard the fans screaming. When I looked back, I saw the fans chasing us!

After the whole search, we ended up on the Staff entrance door. There were lots of bouncers and the PNP trying to convince the fans that they were gone but we know they weren’t. But I don’t think they would still come out if there’s at least 1 fan that stayed so we decided to leave 😦

I believe they used the same method that they use on how to enter the stage if there was no backstage (watch the JB Living The Dream show or the JB 3D Concert Experience of the JB Team Jonas DVD or read the Burning Up book. Sorry I can’t remember where I saw it)

When they opened the metal door, the staff carried the utility boxes to the trucks. It was about 1 am so Jeanni and I just went home. I thought this is my time to meet them, but it wasn’t. Maybe my destiny hates me.

I regret it so much that I’ve been in so many dreams, different versions of what should’ve happened. I once dreamed that I met Nick and I asked him to sign my poster, but my black sharpie was faulty, so woke up unconsciously and get the silver marker(because my pen holder was no my bed’s headboard table) I used when I asked the Phantom Of the Opera Cast to sign my poster. Then Went back to sleep and gave Nick my silver marker! When I woke up, I looked at my poster and it doesn’t have the signature. But the latest dream was so much closer to fantasy.

I REGRET waking up. I REGRET not doing all of the above that it haunts me every time I sleep.

I can’t remember everything. Just try to connect it yourself.

  • There is a charity concert going on. Lots of foreign and local celebrities are going to perform.
  • I was at a location with my high school friends. They didn’t want me to go.
  • I was browsing Facebook. My secret friend was going there; he was one of the volunteers.
  • I rushed there, it haven’t started yet.
  • I saw Jeanni & Gaecni there too because one of the performers was the Jonas Brothers.
  • They know where the performers, the production team, and the volunteers were staying.
  • None of them have entered their rooms. All their things are at the baggage counter.
  • Few minutes before the show starts. Everyone was there. Jeanni & Gaecni are asking where was the room of the Jonas Brothers. I bribed the Baggage Counter personnel and asked him which one was owned by my secret friend. He showed it to me. There was a package with a label “To Mkciy”. I got it and asked the personnel not to tell it to him.
  • I bought a bond paper and a pen so I can write a letter to my secret friend and I’ll just slip it into his bag.
  • Jeanni & Gaecni found out where the room was.
  • I can’t remember what happened to the show.
  • We spotted Nick, Joe, and Kevin going to their room.
  • We stopped them. They thought we were going to abduct them. Joe & Kevin ran as fast as they could. I grabbed Nick’s hand
  • I asked Jeanni & Gaecni “Take a photo of me and him right away!” and they took it using their cell phones.
  • I am hugging Nick’s biceps so hard, while he looked at the camera and smiles.
  • Nick gave me a weird look after it, and then I let him go.

Then I woke up 😦 These are the things that I realized:

  1. I didn’t know what was inside the package
  2. I forgot to write my letter to my secret friend
  3. I don’t know what happened to the show
  4. I didn’t check their cell phones on how my photo with Nick looked like.

I didn’t slept the day before this because I’m finishing an assignment. Maybe that’s the formula of a perfect nightmare: you have to be too exhausted so you will sleep long enough that you believe THIS IS HAPPENING but it wasn’t 😦 [night of Nov 21 to th emorning of Nov 22, 2012]


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