Married to Jonas :D

Last night, I marathon-ed 10 episodes of the reality TV show Married to Jonas. I have it all this time but I can’t find the time to watch it. I just remembered it because of this:

I bought this at 11pm of Nov 22. Read the article here

At first, I was expecting that in this show, I will learn how will it be if I got married to a Jonas Brother. And I was also thinking of making a review by writing a post to my blog. But instead of criticizing it, I just wrote a list of scenes that appeal to me or a list that you should wait for or look forward to and some side comments.

***(Warning: Spoilers)***

Episode#01: Dinner With the In-Laws

  • Kevin too sweet. He always shows how much he loves Dani.
  • I want to be Danielle so badly! Who wouldn’t want to have a husband like Kev? Even though Nick is my OTP, I like Kevin as well and I think we’ll get along better than me and Nick.
  • Mama Denise seems strict. If I and Nick got married, I would feel the same pressure Danielle is now having.
  • I like it when Kevin keeps on calling Nick’s attention and he neglects him. Nick was bossy; so whoever (including me) who want to marry Nick, be prepared.

Episode#02: Prom Night With The In-laws

  • I don’t expect they would talk about private things on-cam. I mean I know this goes on on a regular household but they wanted it to keep it so real, they forgot it might ruin their reputation.
  • Mikey Deleasa seems cute 😀
  • Kevin’s laugh was adorable though it sounds a bit feminine

Episode#03: Texas With The In-laws

  • I like how Mama Denise comforts Dani when Bob talks about his advice. It was so sweet.
  • Mama Denise’s apron! I want that too!
  • Oh look there’s Nick Jonas! Every time he appear, I just light up.
  • Nick’s face on the rodeo – a must see!
  • When Kev and Mama Denise quarrel, they use this line, “I appreciate that, but…”
  • Frankie looks like a mini dad Paul
  • Dad’s news about the tour on Manila!

Episode#04: In-Law-tervention

  • Dani knows that Kevin’s in trouble if he did something that is unplanned
  • Huge TREE

Episode#05: Emergency-In-Law

  • Nick was on this episode again! I think Nick was on every episode but I really like it.
  • Kevin doing math on age computation. He’s so paranoid, I can see myself in him.
  • Dani’s awkwardness is also in me sometimes. I envy Kev’s confidence.

Episode#06: In-laws & In Studio

  • Kev has OCD
  • Nick sings Meet you in Paris sound well
  • Kev’s solo
  • Joe: Not like that, Kevin! we will behave in the studio like gentleman!
  • Jobros REAL vocalization
  • The Bouncing ball ride at the theme park

Episode#07: In-laws & Outdoors

  • Kevin’s camping idea was kinda similar to Jason’s desperate birdhouse at Camp Rock
  • Mommy Angela’s escape plan
  • Mikey kinda looked like Ramin Karimloo in this episode.
  • The 10.11.12 talk answers why Danielle wasn’t in Manila when the Bros came.

Episode#08: Italy With The In-laws (Part 1 of 2)

  • Dani’s anxiety. Don’t you think she’s preggy?
  • Florence’s architecture

Episode#09: Italy With The In-laws (Part 2 of 2)

  • I don’t understand. She feels too far at home, so why not just go back with Kev?
  • The fresh Grape Wine that have everyone’s feet essence
  • I think Dani is not prepared to be Mrs. Kev Jonas

Episode#10: When In-laws Collide

  • Joe’s role-playing gay fashion critique
  • Radio City show makes me miss their Manila show.

Yey! You’ve reached the end. A little surprise from me (since everyone on the show always wonder if there’ll be more surprises), click on each of the Episode # to download the show. I recommend you download 1 episode at a time (coz the size was approximately 200 MB each) (Download Button is on the bottom right of the page of the link) if you are planning to download it but you can also watch it online.

I’ll make another review for other future episodes too.


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