I wrote this on 12/12/12 but I was (1) too lazy to post it so it was a bit late and I didn’t change anymore what I’ve started and (2) it was very long to finish with my busy schedule. After all, if the doomsday was real, this will be my last, longest post ever.

Doomsday-preparation Wednesday

Today, UST held a fire/earthquake drill on this memorable day (12/12/12). What are they trying to do: get the media’s attention so the headlines will say the Thomasian community is doomsday-ready?

So after my first class, I went to have shower and reflected, is the doomsday for real? People are saying that they believe what the Mayans predicted; while others say only God can predict it. There are even beliefs about Nostradamus’s line about the end and relating it to the pop culture Gangnam style by Psy who was now having the record of the most viewed video on YouTube (surpassing Justin Bieber’s Baby)

As I was saying, I’m reflecting, I will be 9 days till the end and I think I’m prepared to die. It’s because of the series of events that happened to me since Thursday.


Streetfoods Thursday

2pm Every Tuesday and Thursday, I went to Aerlile’s house to have my illustration lessons. We did some oil pastel art and then we watched the movie I Give My First Love to You.

6pm On my way home, I saw an ihaw-ihaw stand on San Juan. It was so tempting, and it looks more delicious than the ones we ate here at P. Noval. And so I ordered 6 sticks of isaw, betamax, and other internal organs of chicken and pork that I was never familiar of; because It’ll be a long journey before I reached my dormitory.

Painful Friday

I started to feel something on my stomach. Sometimes it’s like as if something was blowing bubbles in it.

I thought it was just because of bad sleeping patterns, just like the ones I used to experience before. Then it turned to feel like you want to pee but there is nothing that comes out.

Jolly Sunday

2pm My younger brother, Anaor, was scheduled to take an entrance exam to my school. My dad drove me back to my dorm (because I was at Cavite on weekends) and Aaron to his assigned building on the university.

6pm I am subscribed to Lea Salonga’s tweets and I know she’s performing at Trinoma with the band Blake (I never knew who they were before.) I arrived at Trinoma and they’re already started. I was standing on the barricade, with three rows of people were standing too in front of me. Bit by bit, people are starting to leave and I’m still there, standing on the front row of the barricade.

Lea was singing Christmas songs, then some romantic song (I forgot the title), then they showed a presentation about nature, then she’s back and sang I DREAMED A DREAM from LES MIZ! I was shocked, I thought they’ll only sing Christmas songs!

Then the band Blake entered as Lea exists. I don’t know what to expect to them, since I never heard them sing before. So the intro plays and I was whispering to myself “Hey that sounds so familiar!” And then they sang the lyrics and I figured it out, it was BRING HIM HOME, another song from LES MIZ! I realized that a way to my heart was serenading me a song from Les Miserables. The band Blake immediately got my approval, they are totally great (I’m biased. I’m hooked on their bait)! This event entitled “Kindred Voices” now has two strikes to my heart.

Then Lea came back in and talked a little (in which I don’t understand anything because of the crappy sound system) and Gerald Salonga now started conducting the orchestra and it gave me shivers to my spine! I felt every hair on my skin stood up! She included the intro part of the song (“& now I’m all alone again…”) and then 2 streams of tears run down my cheek. I don’t know what’s happening to me! People said I have a very strong heart because I rarely cry on sad movies but this song, this one amazing song made me cry without showing people crying or having someone dead or brokenhearted. I was completely moved. The song was ON MY OWN, another great song from LES MIZ, my song. These always describe me: alone & miserable, dreaming of a lie that could never happen, an unrequited lover. When the first lines came (“On my own, pretending he’s beside me”), I joined in singing (OMG! I had a duet with Ms. Lea-Astonishing-Salonga).

Her next song was with a duet with the Blake. I heard the song before when I was browsing on YouTube. I think it was a UK talent show episode where a contestant can choose who would they like to have a duet with, and the kid has chosen Sarah Brightman. The song was Con Te Partiro (Time to say Goodbye), an opera song. Both Lea and the Blake did well, but Lea asked for forgiveness, saying her Italian(pronunciation) sucks. But still, the audience appreciated it.

I thought that was the last song because it’s about goodbyes, but Lea said she felt so challenged when she sang it so she asked the Blake to let the audience feel the Filipino Christmas. My first guess was they’re going to sing Christmas In Our Hearts because it was beautiful but Lea said they have to sing Kumukutikutitap! Even I can’t sing it properly because I hardly use that word.

I still can’t believe I saw Lea Salonga performing in real life! I was saying inside my mind that I saw the Jonas Brothers, I saw Lea Salonga, and maybe I could already die tomorrow.

After the show, I rushed back to the fire exit, because I know that’s where the performers (especially the celebrities) use to avoid the crowd (Thanks to my stalking skills of Joe Jonas and Greyson Chance, I found out where it is!).

Now I’m at the barricade (again, but different one. This is located at the exit) with bouncers and fans everywhere, waiting for Lea to come out. People say that I don’t express much of myself on words but my face was very readable. While waiting for Lea, there was a lady with the ID (the one labeled with production so you can enter backstage). I kept staring at her because I wanted to ask if I could have that ID as souvenir(I have the Joe Jonas ID and the Greyson Chance ID so it was kinda my obsession) but I was too shy because there are lots of people behind. Then here she was, Ms. Lea Salonga, smiling with her daughter Nicole and her husband Robert Chien. I was upset at first because she didn’t notice me, but she actually snubbed everyone and I understand that because it’s hard to be a Filipino Pride. I would even regret myself for not pushing people (because that’s what happens on those events) if she signed at least one autograph or somebody had taken a picture of her.

When she was gone, the crowd diminished too. I have now the guts to tell ask the lady with an ID for her ID; and she said no. It wasn’t a big deal for me because there are a lot of staffs in the production that I can ask. So I walked away, back to the front of the stage; and I saw male staffs that are already resting. I think they belong to the lights and sounds technicians. I asked for their ID too and one of them gave me one. I was now happy enough and about to go home.

The 1st one belongs to the technician. The 2nd one was given by the lady; i think it was a reserved ID.

The 1st one belongs to the technician. The 2nd one was given by the lady; i think it was a reserved ID.

But someone tapped my shoulder: it was the same lady who saw me waiting for Lea. She handed me another ID (I know this isn’t hers because I can remember the one she’s wearing have her name on it.) It doubled my happiness because the 1st ID I got was crumpled (you can see its past owner was indeed a male). She also pointed some guy in gray, saying “ayun oh, yung kapatid ni Lea, si Gerald Salonga.” I know him because when I’m at the backstage barricade, someone pointed at him, then he disappeared.


Penelope J. Stokes – The Amber Photograph
(The 2nd-hand book that I’m currently reading, from BookSale)

I walked slowly to him so he won’t freak out. He was looking for someone that he was talking on the phone and when the call ended, I asked for his signature and he unreluctantly accepted the book I’m holding and said, “Ano nga palang pangalan mo?”. I spelled my name and there it was, the second-hand book that I bought from the Booksale, with dedication from Maestro Gerald Salonga! Now my happiness was multiplied by 10!


“Myikc, God Bless! -Gerald Salonga”

On the FX, I thought “Why did I forget that my phone has a camera!”

Thrilled Monday

I was so excited to tell everybody I know about what happened on Sunday. I have three classes for Monday, from 7am to 9pm. Since I was an Irregular student now, my regular block mates weren’t my classmates for all my subjects. I’m only going to meet them on my 6-9pm class.

6pm So I started talking about meeting Lea and having Maestro sign my book. Then the professor arrived and said we’re having another film showing. Last week, we watched a documentary about the life of 2 sculptures: David (Michelangelo) and The Little Dancer (Degas) but on this day, it was more boring, I can’t pay enough attention. On the ground floor of our building, there is a gallery, where the Industrial Design students are having an exhibit (today was the opening night so there was free food from the catering), and our professor was out there, eating, leaving the whole class rot on this boring film (I bet she hadn’t seen the film either).

My seatmates began ignoring the film and just talked about a different topic. I began retelling the story about Mr. Salonga’s signature and then I felt like I was about to vomit. The pain I had since Friday worsened and it wasn’t tolerable anymore. The school clinic was already closed because it’s 7pm. My friends went down to ask the guard for a wheel chair so they would push me to the UST Hospital. I’m trying to calm myself, though half of me thought, “Am I going to die?” Finally, my classmates went back and said that the tricycle(used by guards to patrol around the school) was coming and that I can now go down. Only Daan went with me when I rode the vehicle. Too many things were running on my mind, like (1) if I got confined, my parents wouldn’t know because I left my empty-charged phone back on the dormitory. I also don’t know what’s the dorm’s contact number so they wouldn’t know either; (2) who’s going to pay if I got confined; (3) what about my undone plates?; (4) this was kind of a DEJA VU.

7pm Unlike from the movies, where there’s a bed waiting at the entrance door for you to lie down so they can push you; there, you still have to walk, have your weight measured, and then fill up a form first before they pointed your bed. Then there’s this guy get my temperature and my blood pressure. Afterward, he used the stethoscope on my back, and then started pocking some parts at my back, asking if it hurts. Next, he asked me to lie down and have my shirt pulled up until my whole belly was shown (this is so embarrassing) and he began poking it, asking “eto masakit, eto masakit?” I saw Daan smiling because she knew I was in pain and he keeps asking if it hurts. He went away after it, and came back with my form. There was a female doctor who walked in, and he said “Doc, gastrointestinal” while pointing at me. At that time, I know what is going on inside me; I don’t know what it’s called but I know what caused it. Blame it on Nescafe Chocolate flavored coffee. It was so delicious, I drink it like a hot chocolate every meal. That coffee was my water. He said if I peed(urine test), my stay there will be shorter because it will give more accurate result. But in my condition, I really don’t know if I have to pee because the pain outpowers the urge.

Since I haven’t peed yet, he started asking questions like:

  • age?
  • year & course?
  • past operations?
  • allergies?
  • family history?
  • have you experiencing coughs, colds, chills?

Then he will go away to check other patients, then back again and he’ll start with the questions about menstruation like this (I thought he was checking if I was lying):

  • when was your first menstruation?
  • when was the last menstruation?
  • when was the second to the last?
  • # of days of menstruation?
  • how irregular was your menstruation?
  • # of pads?

And then he’ll go asking me with these questions (is this really a part of the protocol?):

  • do you follow the laws? (I said yes but I forgot I had a ticket once from MMDA because of Jaywalking)
  • do you go to mass every Sunday? (I tried to go every Sunday but last Sunday, I didn’t because I went to see Lea Salonga)
  • do you had any sexual intercourse? sexual preference? (He asked Daan to leave the two of us for a while because of this private question. I thought it would be a scary thing to answer. He asked me had tried it. when I said no, he asked “never?”. I was laughing inside, thinking “do I really have to prove that?”)
  • are you sad? (sad musicals make me sad)
  • what are your extracurricular activities?
  • how are your grades?
  • do you know anyone who sells drugs? (if I do, do you think I’ll tell it. But I don’t.)

Then he’ll go away again, and then back, and then start asking about menstruation, and then the weird questions; over and over. But it was actually having fun. He was so easy to get-along with. I’m usually shy but he was like someone I used to know before. Maybe it was because of my illness; I may be experiencing side effects of gastrointestinal stuff.

Later, I peed. then someone took the cup. Then he went back to the same routine asking me because we still have to wait for the results.

I stopped thinking about the Déjà vu and just read the book. Daan came back (he was gone to have dinner) with Lynn, Marchie, Nicole & Xyrylle. Two by two, they were gone to go home. Only Daan remained. Then we began talking about HIM. She was laughing about the way I talked to him as if he was nothing. I told her I thought he was just a nurse! He looks too young to be a doctor. We computed on how many years he had studied and his residency, not counting the reviewing for licensure exam. We think he was between 29 to early 30s.

11:30pm The Urine test was finally done. I thought I have to stay the night at UST (I want it for experience but at the same time I was scared(400 year old place)). The female doctor explained to me what they found out but he didn’t really said what was the name of my illness. She instructed and we followed the rules on how I can get out, signed the forms and paid the bills; and now I’m out.

12am I reached the dorm and I went to sleep right away.

Doubtful Tuesday

12pm when I woke up, my tummy still hurts. I was still thinking about yesterday. Then I re-read my 50th Golden Wedding Anniversary and analyzes what’s going on (have I written a legit prophecy?)

Flashback: When I was on my 3rd year 1st Semester, we had a subject called SCL5 that tells about marriage, starting a family, etc. On our prelims, our professor told us that he won’t be giving us any test. Instead, we’re going to write a letter to a friend whom we never saw for a long time about how we celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary then tell on how our relationship started: from meeting each other to bf/gf state to engaged to married to raising the children and choosing which path they would took until it reached the golden anniversary again. [read it here] (I’m warning you, it was a very long letter) *end.flashback*

It was inspired by the movies A Little Bit of Heaven, Evita, Motorcycle Diaries and Lea Salonga’s songs A Whole New World and My Romance (from the album Lea Salonga: The Journey So Far)

In the “story”, I was 30 years old when I was rushed to the hospital because I had a Caffeine Intoxication. Then there, I met the GUY. He was my doctor. He had a very busy schedule but he finds time to stay at my room. That was our getting-to-know stage.

In the reality, I’m still a student. Rushed to the hospital because of *they-never-gave-a-name-illness* that was caused by coffee and street foods. Then I met HIM and he was fun to talk to and he always come back to me though there were a lot of other patients.

Now tell me this isn’t a prophecy that just happened! Was he the one? I’m too young for him. I was currently reading Card captor Sakura (Manga) and the story of parents (Fukitaka and Nadeshiko Kinomoto, married at the age of 17 and 16 respectively) . Then there was this recent news about a Chinese Singer, Zhang Muyi(24 years old), and the Canadian Model, Akama Miki(12 years old).

This parallelism bothers me a lot. I keep searching his name everywhere, maybe I can add him on Facebook; but what bothers me more was if he was already married or not. What if someone destined for you is already married, should I tell him “see you in your next life” and I’ll sing On my Own and I Dreamed a Dream? My life will definitely become Eponine’s 😦

Was I watching too much fantasy movies like Ruby Sparks and Inkheart?

—End of Prologue—

Doomsday-prepared Wednesday

My school conducted two fire/earthquake evacuation drill, on 10am and 3pm. On the first drill, we’re on the 7th floor of the 8th story building, and we have to use the stairs while I experience pain in every step because of this hyper-acidity/UTI inside me.

That’s why I kept on thinking if doomsday was really going to happen.

On my previous post about the talk on TheFeast, where Bro. Bo Sanchez said that God wants you the best. What if the reality-version of the story is what’s best, that’s why he modified the prophecy/”story” version? What if God wanted me to have a taste of Love before the end of the world?

I checked the Urine Analysis. It says they got my urine tested at 9:30*pm and had the results at 10*pm


Why do they have to prolong my stay and discharge me after an hour and a half?


Wishful Thursday

11am Last Monday, one of the things the female doctor told me is to have a follow up check up on the UST Health Services about my sickness. I was hoping HE was there but he wasn’t.

If everything happens for a reason, would you say I’m overthinking that this simple sickness leads to something?


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