Broadway Survey

I always enjoy answering things like this. I feel that there’s someone who understands my love for musicals.
Name 10 of your favorite Broadway shows
1. Les Miserables More


The StageDoorCanteen featured my entry on their Stagedoor Saturdays!

I love Christine, Phantom and Raoul so much I went back on their last day of performance.

My Phantastic Stagedooring experience! Dreams do come true 😀

I found out the news about the Phantom of the Opera on April 3. Since then, I’ve been searching for details like who’ll be the cast (wishing it was Ramin and Sierra), etc. That’s when I discovered this very helpful and informative blog, the Stage Door Canteen!

I watched it on August 28, their third showing day. I’m saving my money and it only reached 2k and my goal was the seats for 3.5k. Then this discount for students came and I didn’t decide anymore, because my friends are going to watch too but they don’t have money yet. I went to the CCP to buy my ticket on Saturday, their first showing day.


I posted about meeting the cast of the Phantom of the Opera Manila before but I was busy before so I didn’t post it here and because I don’t have a copy of it, I just used the Stage Door Canteen’s submit page so I just waited for them to post/publish it.

My gift to him is at the bottom left part of the image ❤