Facebook Stalkers? <3


I don’t know if this was legit but someone started it by posting this image and letting people to share it on Facebook.

I didn’t sense any harm coming so I tried it šŸ˜€
As of December 1, 2012; here is my top 25 list of stalkers:

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“You’ll never know what you need until someone fills it.”

The radio station I’m listening a while ago, they were talking about the new movie The Mistress starring John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo. I don’t have any plans on watching it but they mentioned the quote above (in Filipino, not the exact words) and I find it nice.

I also heard something like this before when someone had an encounter with Henry Sy, the owner of SM Malls, when she asked him what was his secret. He answered “Find a need and fill it.”

Few hours ago, my professor was discussing about Family and he mentioned that it was a custom when children grew up, the unmarried child is responsible in taking care of his aged parents. I thought about it and spoke to my seatmate that I wouldn’t mind taking care of my parents since I believe I can survive growing old without someone to grow old with. But my seatmate opposed it, saying that at first, you wouldn’t think about it but as you grow older, you will long for a partner. I just replied “let’s see…”

The 2nd semester is entitled: Excellence

Classes is now starting again. I cant fail anymore. I'm only one stepĀ 
away to the edge of death. 

Have you seen the movie Hallpass? It's about two wives who decided toĀ 
give their husbands a 'hallpass' where they can do whatever they lifeĀ 
for a week. It kinda look like a cool-off from their married life andĀ 
it ended like they just wasted the whole week doing nonsense. But itĀ 
also taught them a lesson that made them realize they must be seriousĀ 
in their lives because they're not young and single anymore.