Facebook Stalkers? <3


I don’t know if this was legit but someone started it by posting this image and letting people to share it on Facebook.

I didn’t sense any harm coming so I tried it šŸ˜€
As of December 1, 2012; here is my top 25 list of stalkers:

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The Miserable Life of a L8-Teen FanGirl

I REGRET EVERYTHING! My personal Series of Unfortunate Events.

It has been too long since my last post here, and those posts were supposed to be on a regular basis but I can’t because I got busy and lazy too when Iā€™m not busy. If you know me, you probably know the Jonas Brothers came here in my country last October 17-21. If you’re already thinking that this post is a JB-themed-fangirl-experience; you got it right.