Facebook Stalkers? <3


I don’t know if this was legit but someone started it by posting this image and letting people to share it on Facebook.

I didn’t sense any harm coming so I tried it 😀
As of December 1, 2012; here is my top 25 list of stalkers:

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Married to Jonas :D

Last night, I marathon-ed 10 episodes of the reality TV show Married to Jonas. I have it all this time but I can’t find the time to watch it. I just remembered it because of this:

I bought this at 11pm of Nov 22. Read the article here

At first, I was expecting that in this show, I will learn how will it be if I got married to a Jonas Brother. And I was also thinking of making a review by writing a post to my blog. But instead of criticizing it, I just wrote a list of scenes that appeal to me or a list that you should wait for or look forward to and some side comments.

***(Warning: Spoilers)***